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Growth Investor

Investors that buy into companies that are growing quicker than the stock market is growing, AKA, thriving.

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Value Investor

Value Investors buy into companies when the stock price of said company is lower than what they think the value of that company is (Often called Margin Of Safety). Value can often be calculated using RSI or P/E Ratio, and there are two different types of P/E Ratios: trailing and forward P/E Ratio.

Trailing P/E

  • Stock Price/PAST Earnings Per Share

Forward P/E:

  • Stock Price/EXPECTED Earnings Per Share

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Dollar-Cost Averaging Investor

Investors who divide their investments into equal amounts over the course of time, AKA, buying the same stock at the same price multiple times and ONLY AT THAT PRICE.

Dollar Cost Averaging Example – Day 1 is $100, Day 2 is $95, Day 10 is $90, Day 54 is $95, and Day 63 is $90. This all equals $470 divided by 5 shares, which is a $94 average.

Momentum Investor

Investors that buy a stock that is already moving in a direction, hoping that it will continue in that same direction, or better. AKA “hopping on the train” Slogan “buy high, sell higher.”

Investors often take these four strategies and try to find stocks with good statistics and fundamentals that they think may grow in the future.

Where to Find Candlestick Charts

Most charting platforms have some type of candlestick feature, but here are some popular charting platforms:


TradingView is one of the most popular online, free, and compact charting platforms. To view a stock with a candlestick chart, enter the stock’s name or ticker in the search bar and press enter. Then, press the button in the top left, next to the “Indicators” button that looks like this:

Charting Style Button

Then, press on “Candles”. Some may prefer to use the Heikin Ashi candles, as they may seem simpler.

Yahoo Finance

Another popular online charting software, powered by Yahoo. To access the candlestick chart, search up a ticker in the top search bar of the homepage, double click on the area chart, press the button that looks like this:

Charting Style Button

And choose “Candle”.

Stock Charts

Stock Charts may be a bit confusing for beginners, but it is very compact with features. To access a candlestick chart, search up a ticker in the search bar, and wallah, a candlestick chart has appeared. You can change the settings as you wish.

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