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How to Use the Price-to-Earnings P/E Ratio

stock price divided by earnings per share

Investors and traders sometimes use what’s called a Price-to-Earnings (P/E) ratio to value a company. It is generally attributed to a strategy of fundamental analysis, which as opposed to technical analysis, is the study of a company’s and its stock’s intrinsic value. This calculation is able to explain how much a company is worth based […]

How to Use Stock Splits to Your Advantage

reverse stock split two 25 dollar shares to one 50 dollar shares

Stock splits are greatly talked about in the stock market community as they can be a powerful catalyst for traders looking to profit. Before understanding how to trade stock splits, let’s first understand the different types of stock splits: Conventional Stock Split A conventional stock split is when the company creates more shares by dividing […]

How to Know What Type of Investor You Are

Computer screen with price on a chart

TYPES OF INVESTORS: Growth Investor Investors that buy into companies that are growing quicker than the stock market is growing, AKA, thriving. Also Read – How To Predict Stock Movement: Support and Resistance Value Investor Value Investors buy into companies when the stock price of said company is lower than what they think the value […]

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