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What Is the Pivot Machine Gun – STRAT Trading

What Is the Pivot Machine Gun - STRAT Trading article thumbnail

The Pivot Machine Gun (PMG), is a STRAT method strategy that is not very well known in the technical analysis world but also employs the chance of price rapidly increasing or decreasing in a short amount of time to profit. It works just like the other STRAT combos and it employs time frame continuity. STRAT […]

How to Day Trade With the STRAT Method

phone with advanced technical analysis on chart

Those who day trade often follow a well-planned and established strategy, as well as a ruleset. These strategies come in different forms like scalping, pullback trading, breakout trading, and in this case, the STRAT method. Claim Your FREE STRAT Combos Cheat Sheet What Is the STRAT Method? The STRAT method is possibly one of the […]

3 Popular Chart Patterns for Scalping

Three rising valleys pattern showing two peaks and three valleys and a bullish breakout

While there are many possible chart patterns and concepts that scalpers use to trade, these simple yet effective patterns that may be a scalper’s dream. Scalping is a certain trading style where traders specialize in making quick trades off small price changes. It uses the concept of support and resistance heavily and can incorporate indicators and chart […]

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