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What Is a Stop-Loss? – Definitions and Examples

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A stop-loss is a certain action that can be performed at a certain price to limit loss. It usually takes form as a selling action once an asset reaches a specific price. It not only helps traders stay disciplined but also ensures that traders follow part of a certain ruleset which may significantly prevent loss. Having […]

What Is a Recession and How to Prepare

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This word “recession” is thrown around from time to time, which is sometimes used to create fear and emotions. This type of emotion may not only effect the stock market greatly, but the whole economy. Before we decide what exactly is going on in the market, we have to know what a recession actually is. […]

Why Dividends May Be the Eighth Wonder of the World

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Albert Einstein is famous for saying, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it… he who doesn’t… pays it.” Dividends are often referred to as a way to make compound interest in the stock market. But what is a dividend? What Is a Dividend? A dividend is an […]

How to Know What Type of Investor You Are

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TYPES OF INVESTORS: Growth Investor Investors that buy into companies that are growing quicker than the stock market is growing, AKA, thriving. Also Read – How To Predict Stock Movement: Support and Resistance Value Investor Value Investors buy into companies when the stock price of said company is lower than what they think the value […]

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