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What Is a Stop-Loss? – Definitions and Examples

What Is a Stop Loss? - Definitions and Examples thumbnail

A stop-loss is a certain action that can be performed at a certain price to limit loss. It usually takes form as a selling action once an asset reaches a specific price. It not only helps traders stay disciplined but also ensures that traders follow part of a certain ruleset which may significantly prevent loss. Having […]

STRAT Reversals – Explanations and Examples

STRAT Reversals - Explanations and Examples article thumbnail

STRAT Reversals are combos that signal a possible reversal of the trend. There are many reversal combos, some of which are easier to scan for than others because they are more distinct. Reversal combos may even start a continuation combo because of the fact that they signal a possible reversal of the trend. The STRAT […]

What Is the STRAT Method?

The STRAT method is possibly one of the most interesting stock market strategies there is. The STRAT method, developed by Rob Smith, is a price action-based charting strategy that analyzes individual candles and how they relate to each other, how they conform to levels of support and resistance, and how they can be traded with […]

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