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The STRAT method is possibly one of the most interesting stock market strategies there is. The STRAT method, developed by Rob Smith, is a price action-based charting strategy that analyzes individual candles and how they relate to each other, how they conform to levels of support and resistance, and how they can be traded with other time frames.

This method aims to remove emotion as much as possible by being objective, which means eliminating market noise and using facts to trade. #TheSTRAT, as it is often referred to, uses universal principles in price action.

In this course, you will learn these universal principles, the STRAT combos, and advanced techniques used with the method.

Broken up into bite-size trainings of the absolute essentials for the method, it is essential for anyone who wants to level up their trading knowledge.


For further education, learn more about Rob Smith:




This course includes:

  • An Introduction to the STRAT Method
  • STRAT Combos (Continuations and Reversals)
  • Time Frame Continuity
  • Advanced Strategies
  • Risk Management Techniques
  • Many Examples
  • STRAT Combos Reference Sheet



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What Will You Learn?

  • How traders make profitable trades using the STRAT combos and the advanced strategies in this course.
  • How traders use time frame continuity to determine the optimal chance of success.
  • Risk management strategies associated with the STRAT method like stop-loss placement.
  • Why STRATers use facts to trade and do not predict.

Course Content

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Reference Sheets

Introduction to the STRAT Method
The introductory part of the course.

Getting deeper into the STRAT method. This is where the puzzle pieces start to come together!

Time Frame Continuity
A specific yet important part of the STRAT method.

STRAT Strategies
Some strategies associated with the STRAT Method. These involve continuations and reversals!

Broadening Formations

Risk Management
This section includes content about risk management with the STRAT method. Risk management is essential to any good trading strategy.

More Examples
This section includes more examples of the content covered in the course. Practice, practice, practice!


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