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How to Use Moving Averages for Trading

Moving averages (MAs), are one of the most well-known yet unused technical indicators. They are generally used to smooth out price data and show the average price, but there are several ways that they can be used for trading. Moving averages allow traders to employ many strategies, some of which are well-known and some of […]

Scalping Day Trading – Highly Effective Strategies

Thumbnail - Price action breaking out of consolidation with trendline, MACD indicator, and volume indicator

What is scalping and how do professional day traders profit from this strategy? Be sure to read the disclaimer at the bottom before reading this article. Scalping is a certain trading style where traders specialize in making quick trades off small price changes. It uses the concept of support and resistance heavily and can incorporate […]

How to Use The Parabolic SAR – 3 Killer Strategies

Parabolic SAR indicator with price action

The Parabolic SAR indicator helps the trader determine the direction in which the security is moving, and helps determine possible reversals in the trend. It usually is shown with circles or stars, below the price in an uptrend, and above the price in a downtrend. The Parabolic SAR, developed by J. Welles Wilder Jr., stands […]

Guide on How to Trade the Cup and Handle Pattern

Steaming Brown Coffee Mug Drawing

The Cup and Handle pattern is one of the most commonly discussed chart patterns in the technical analysis world. The pattern is called the Cup and Handle pattern because it resembles a cup with a handle. According to Investopedia, American William J. O’Neil defined this pattern. There are different parts associated with it and the […]

What Is Technical Analysis? – Definitions, Strategies, Examples

green candle body above resistance line indicating potential breakout

Technical analysis is the method of applying chart analysis and examining movements in price. Technical analysts, those who focus and study on technical analysis, use price movement, volume, and market psychology to try and predict trends. Quick Notes: How Does Technical Analysis Work? Technical analysts use concepts like chart patterns, support and resistance, indicators, and […]

What Is Support and Resistance? A Complete Guide

sideways price action between support and resistance levels

Support and resistance levels are points of supply or demand of the stock. The concept of support and resistance is one of the most discussed topics in technical analysis and the stock market because it leads to so many other topics like chart patterns, indicators, Elliott waves, and more. Quick Notes: What Is Support and […]

How To Predict Stock Movement: Support and Resistance

Support and resistance lines showing sideways and consolidative movement

How Do You Predict the Future of the Stock Market? Is accurately predicting the future of the stock market 100% of the time a possibility? Well no, it’s not. Still, certain strategies can increase the likelihood of an investor’s success. Stock movement is constantly trying to be predicted by investors, traders, and software. There are […]

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