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How to Day Trade With the STRAT Method

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Those who day trade often follow a well-planned and established strategy, as well as a ruleset. These strategies come in different forms like scalping, pullback trading, breakout trading, and in this case, the STRAT method. Claim Your FREE STRAT Combos Cheat Sheet What Is the STRAT Method? The STRAT method is possibly one of the […]

Scalping Day Trading – Highly Effective Strategies

Thumbnail - Price action breaking out of consolidation with trendline, MACD indicator, and volume indicator

What is scalping and how do professional day traders profit from this strategy? Be sure to read the disclaimer at the bottom before reading this article. Scalping is a certain trading style where traders specialize in making quick trades off small price changes. It uses the concept of support and resistance heavily and can incorporate […]

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