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The Ultimate Technical Analysis Course


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This course includes:

The Ultimate Technical Analysis Course

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The Ultimate Technical Analysis Stock Market Course
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Weird but powerful cheat sheet, proven signals cheat sheet, and chart patterns cheat sheet
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Our Guarantee To You: If at any time within 30 days you decide that you are not satisfied with all of this, just shoot us an email and you will receive 100% of your money back! No questions asked. We want to succeed. This puts the pressure on us to deliver the best products possible.


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Summary of Everything You Get

In case you’re like me and you just skip to the end, here’s what you get in The Ultimate Technical Analysis Course:

  • Over 30 chart patterns so you know how to identify hidden market control
  • How to use support and resistance in nearly every situation to identify significant reversal points
  • How to identify breakout opportunities, pullbacks, and false breakouts for risk management
  • The different types of candlesticks that can reveal the underlying intention of the market
  • Over 40 indicators that provide advanced trading signals
  • How the Fibonacci sequence phenomenon is profited from with technical analysis
  • How Fibonnaci tools use support and resistance to identify significant reversal points
  • How traders attempt to predict future reversal points
  • The different types of Fibonnaci tools
  • Learn to combine trading strategies for advanced technical analysis
  • Learn how to develop your own trading strategy based on your preferences
  • Incredibly quick day trading techniques that professionals use when they wake up in the morning
  • Learn how to trade based on FACTS and not to predict
  • Basically read other trader’s minds in order to place a smarter stop-loss
  • Learn confirmation techniques used by professionals and why they work
  • Determine points of reversal and breakout in multiple ways
  • Gain the knowledge of day trading, swing trading, and long-term investing, and how you can compete with professionals
  • Determine the fractal patterns of the market to forecast underlying reasons for price movement
  • Learn a long-term trading strategy that allowed Stan Weinstein to predict the crash of Black Monday

Time Is Of The Essence...

The “IMREADY” coupon code is only available to 200 PEOPLE. After it has been used up, the course goes from $297.99 to $1,250.

This is because we cannot physically answer thousands of questions a day, so we have to put a limit on the coupon usage. 

If you like paying full price, then, by all means, go ahead and wait.

But if you like to save A LOT of money, then make sure you get in right now! 


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