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Special Offer - one payment of just $97.99

TOTAL VALUE: $1559.98

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Here's The Deal...

Hey! Michael Caggiano here,

Congratulations on grabbing your Candlestick Patterns Cheat Sheet! I can’t wait for you to learn all of this!

As shown above, we teach you the EXACT steps many traders use for their chart pattern trading.

This is awesome for two reasons:

  1. Chart patterns are a simple yet extensive concept of technical analysis.
  2. You stop wasting time watching useless and confusing tutorials!

This course eliminates the guesswork if you’ll learn something in a video! 

We break down each video concept step-by-step so you can learn chart patterns at your own pace.

To further this, we’re offering a one-time special offer! Here’s what you get:

With a one-time purchase of the Master Chart Patterns and Candlesticks Course, you’re getting for free:

  • The Master Technical Indicators Course ($799.99 Value)
  • The Success Academy’s Full Trading Book ($50.00 Value)
  • The Success Academy’s Cheat Sheet Access ($50.00 Value) 
Total Value Of Everything: $1559.98

AND if you are not 100% satisfied with what you get, you can request a full refund within 30-days!

There’s no “catch,” no upsells. You get everything here with a one time payment of $97.99! That’s over 90% off!

Does that sound fair? If so, click the button below and claim your special offer today!


Don't Waste Hours In The Black Hole Of YouTube!

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Because I KNOW you want to get started learning chart patterns and candlesticks ASAP!

But I know sometimes it can be a little intimidating…

That's Why We Offer This Hold-Your-Hand Experience Through Learning Chart Patterns

You heard that right.

You get exclusive access to The Success Academy’s official Discord server, so any questions you have can be discussed!

You get to become a VIP Member, which has access to special channels! 

This hold-your-hand style is like if we came over for the day and helped you one-on-one, so you won’t have any worries. 

So may I make a recommendation?

Try this out, and if it’s not for you, get a full refund within 30 days!

So, what do you say?

Special Offer - one payment of just $97.99

When You Invest In This Special Offer Today...

Normally $1559.98

Get It For JUST ONE Payment Of...

ONLY $97.99

Get Exclusive Access With The Success Academy

(Full Price Is $1559.98)

You Get It For Just 1 Payment Of $97.99!

Special Offer

Here's Your Objective...

I’ve spent days going through numerous clickbait videos (many of which were a total waste of time), learning information about the chart patterns and candlesticks the professionals use to trade.

The techniques that the experts swear by…

I don’t want you to go through that mess.

That allowed me to put together this special offer for you.

The lessons in these courses include:

The secrets that allow traders to go from 0-HERO in their technical analysis…

Chart patterns that can be used in just about every trading strategy…

Singular candlesticks that can be used to identify underlying market sentiment to understand what other traders are thinking….

Loads of examples for a truly hand-holding experience…

And much, much more!

I compiled all the information I could into this special offer and condensed it into comprehensive and simple lessons.

Inside this speical offer you’ll get access to ALL OF THIS.

A good trader only becomes a great trader by spending time researching and learning, often most of it wasted not knowing where to start…

But With This Special Offer I've Already Done The Research For You!

I’ve spent coutless hours over the past few years researching what the BEST are doing. 

Inside this special offer, you get access to ALL OF THIS without spending YEARS WANDERING and wasting time like I did.

So what is more important to you? 

Spending 3 years of research or one payment of $97.99?

Time or money?

And remember, it’s not just the Master Chart Patterns and Candlesticks Course that you’ll be getting…

When You Order Today, You Get Three Awesome Bonuses...

Master Technical Indicators Course Thumbnail

Bonus 1 - Over 40 Indicator Videos


Indicators are a KEY part of technical analysis, possibly one of the most popular parts, and many can be incorporated with the chart pattern trading!

Not only will you learn over 40 indicators but also…

specific techniques that are used by professional traders!

I truly believe that you are doing yourself a disservice not learning these.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn in this course:

The Success Academy's Full Trading Book Thumbnail

Bonus 2 - Full Trading Book

Currently $50.00 – YOU GET ACCESS FOR FREE!

A MAJOR part of trading effectively is having something to reference QUICKLY. 

The Success Academy’s Full Trading Book has content from chart patterns to indicators to strategies to dividends and passive income and more!

It has more than technical analysis included and includes extensive detail on these concepts!

This new book has over 150 pages in it, but we are expecting it to have thousands if not tens of thousands of pages when we’re done with it! 

Divergence and Candlesticks Cheat Sheet Teaser

Bonus 3 - Cheat Sheet Access

Currently $50.00 – YOU GET ACCESS FOR FREE!

Again, a MAJOR part of trading effectively is having something to reference QUICKLY. 

These cheat sheets are some of the easiest to reference for trading!

You already have the Candlestick Patterns Cheat Sheet, but you also gain access to the Divergence Cheat Sheet!

Everything Comes With A 30-Day Full Refund Policy!

We know you’ll love this program. That’s why we’ve implemented a 30-day full refund policy to it. If for any reason you don’t like what you get in this special offer (which is crazy), then we’ll give you a full refund! No questions asked!

This puts the pressure on us to deliver the best possible experience to you. We care about you and your success, so we’re giving you this “safety net.”

Does this sound fair to you?

When You Invest In The Chart Patterns and Candlesticks Course For Just $97.99 (Normally $659.99)
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Special Offer
Master Chart Patterns and Candlesticks Course Thumbnail

Master Chart Patterns and Candlesticks Course

Value: $659.99


Master Technical Indicators Course Thumbnail

Master Technical Indicators Course

Value: $799.99

The Success Academy's Full Trading Book Thumbnail

TSA's Full Trading Book

Value: $50.00

Divergence and Candlesticks Cheat Sheet Teaser

TSA's Cheat Sheet Access

Value: $50.00

Claim This Special Offer Now!

Special Offer

All of this is yours for a one-time payment of...

Just $97.99!

That's Over 90% Off!

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