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About Course

By teaching over 30 professional chart patterns, many technical analysis strategies, proven trends, STRAT combos, over 40 indicators, and more, this course will teach you the ability to perform powerful technical analysis strategies needed for day, swing, and long-term trading. It will provide you with the confidence and knowledge to maximize your trading potential by coaching technical analysis methods often used by professionals. So, don’t miss out! Enroll now!

This course teaches from beginner technical analysis material to advanced charting techniques used by professionals to help maximize trading potential and minimize risk. It is essential for anyone, beginner to pro, looking for an upper hand in trading. This course includes over 100 lessons!

1. Candlesticks and how to benefit

2. Professional technical analysis and charting patterns

3. How to identify significant trends using technical analysis

4. How to use candles in chart analysis

5. How to identify breakout opportunities, pullbacks, and false breakouts

6. Over 30 chart patterns

7. Over 40 Indicators!

8. Master Support and Resistance

9. How to use technical analysis for day trading, swing trading, and long term investing

10. Fibonacci Tools

11. Price reversals

12. Elliott Waves

13. STRAT Combos

14. Stop-Losses

15. Pivot Points

16. & MORE

Indicators from

Many chart patterns are from

Current Version: 5.5

Updates: Created and added lectures to the Pivot Points section! Go check it out!

Past Updates:

(5.1) Added Divergence section and another Moving Averages lecture!!

(5.0) Updated to 5.0! Thank you everyone for your support! This update added the STRAT method lectures. More STRAT and other lectures to come!

Lectures: What Is the STRAT Method?, Candlestick Types, FTFC, Continuations, 2-2 Reversals, 2-1-2 Reversals, 3-1-2 Reversals, 3-2-2 Reversals, 1-2-2 Rev Strat, STRAT With Support and Resistance, Stop Losses, Gap Trading

Also added a STRAT Combo Cheat Sheet

(4.4) Added 10 more quizzes, MORE TO COME!

(4.2) Started Scalping Course Section

(4.1) Added three more quizzes to the chart pattern portion of the course.

(4.0) Animated Videos for Chart Patterns

(3.5) Added Elliott Wave Videos: What Are Elliott Waves?; Subwaves; Impulse Waves; Diagonal Waves; Zig-Zag Waves; Flat Waves; Triangle Waves;

(3.0) Added Some More Indicators! Woodies CCI, Zig Zag Indicator, Arms Index (TRIN), McClellan Oscillator, Chandelier Exit.

(2.8) Vortex Indicator, Williams Alligator, Hull Moving Average, Klinger Oscillator, Envelope, Detrended Price Oscillator, Coppock Curve, CCI, Elder Ray, Parabolic SAR, KST.

(2.75) UO, TRIX, TEMA, Supertrend, Stochastic RSI, SMI Ergodic Indicator, VIX, RVI, MACD, Linear Regression Channel, Keltner Channels, CVI, CMF.

(2.5) Added Standard Deviation, Divergence, Donchain Channels, RSI, Volume, A/D Line, AD, ADX, AO, BOP, CVI, PPO, EMV, Fisher Transform, Ichimoku Cloud

(2.0) Added Singular Candlestick Patterns: Dojis, Gravestone Doji, Dragonfly Doji, Long-Legged Doji, Falling Three Methods, Rising Three Methods, Hammer Pattern, Hanging Man, Harami, Marubozu, Morning Doji Star, Evening Doji Star, Morning Star, Evening Star, Piercing Pattern, Shooting Star, Stick Sandwich, Three Black Crows Pattern, Three White Soldiers Pattern, Upside Gap Two Crows Pattern, Upside Tasuki Gap, Downside Tasuki Gap, Bullish Abandoned Baby, Bearish Abandoned Baby

(1.5) Added Andrews’ Pitchfork and created another Charting Overlays section.

(1.5) Added Triple Bottom and Top to Chart Patterns

(1.5) Added New Fibonacci Section including Fibonacci Retracements, Fibonacci Arcs, Fibonacci Fans, and Fibonacci Time Zones.

(1.2) Added a Pattern Cheat Sheet

Moved around some courses to set the stage for a big Version 2.0 Update!

where to learn technical analysis

This course will introduce the concept of candlesticks, breakouts, support, and resistance, and incorporate them in many of the chart patterns. Already know all of this? Great! There are still many patterns for you to learn. Have a good day (:



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What Will You Learn?

  • Go from 0-HERO in technical analysis trading
  • Over 30 candlestick patterns and over 40 indicators to maximize trading potential.
  • Learn the technical analysis strategies that land people high-paying careers
  • Find your winning strategy with a step-by-step approach
  • Minimize risk and become more confident in your trades
  • Become a day, swing, and long-term trader using proven technical analysis techniques
  • Anticipate market reversals to be ahead of other traders
  • Stop missing major opportunities
  • Use facts to trade, react don't predict
  • How to make money when the market is falling
  • How to compete with the professionals
  • Combine this strategy with forex, stocks, crypto, etc.
  • Know when and where to trade on a chart.

Course Content

Chart Patterns
The student will learn how to apply these professional chart patterns.

  • Introduction to Candlesticks
  • Candlesticks Quiz
  • Chart Analysis Introduction
  • Chart Analysis Quiz
  • How to Identify Trends
  • Trends Quiz
  • Support and Resistance Incline and Decline Lines (Trendlines)
  • Support and Resistance Incline/Decline Quiz
  • Broadening Bottoms and Tops
  • Broadening Pattern Quiz
  • Bump and Run Reversal Pattern
  • Bump and Run Quiz
  • Cup and Handle Pattern
  • Inverted Cup and Handle Pattern
  • Cup and Handle Pattern Quiz
  • Charting Quiz 1
  • Diamond Bottoms and Tops
  • Diamond Pattern Quiz
  • Double Bottom and Top
  • Double Bottoms and Tops Quiz
  • Triple Bottom and Top
  • Triple Bottoms and Tops Quiz
  • Bullish and Bearish Flags
  • Charting Quiz 2
  • Head and Shoulders
  • Rectangle Chart Pattern
  • Rounding Bottom and Top
  • Three Falling Peaks
  • More on the Three Falling Peaks Pattern
  • Charting Quiz 3
  • Three Rising Valleys
  • Breakouts
  • Candlesticks and General Chart Analysis
  • Chart Patterns Practice
  • Breakouts Practice
  • Charting Practice Test

Technical Overlays
Nice overlays that make viewing a stock's chart easier.

Students will learn how to apply the Fibonacci charters into their trading.

Singular Candlestick Patterns
Patterns that deal with primarily candlesticks!

A section on divergence.

Technical Indicators
So many indicators in the stock market!

Elliott Waves
The complex and fascinating Elliott Waves.


The STRAT Method
Developed by Rob Smith, a very powerful strategy that uses facts to trade.

Supply and Demand

Understand multiple ways to place a stop-loss, and when to use certain strategies.

Pivot Point Trading
This section covers the Pivot Points indicator and some strategies associated with it.

Stage Analysis
Stan Weinstein's trading strategy

Breakout Strategies
This section will cover some more confirmations and breakout strategies.


Cheat Sheets
Quick and easy cheat sheets. Will be updated periodically!

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